English Road Residence

English Road Residence

Modern Rustic Architecture by HartmanBaldwin

Our client wanted to take advantage of her 8-acre property and build a home that overlooked her family’s expansive equine ranch. The design sets the beautiful, nearly 6,500 sq. ft. modern rustic custom home atop a rolling hill with gorgeous panoramic views of the San Gabriel Valley Mountains. Large industrial steel grade windows allow for floor to ceiling views. The style of the home is best characterized as a Rustic Contemporary Ranch Home which emphasizes the mix of traditional materials such as stone, with modern textures like marble and slate; the home’s warm color palettes are soft and neutral to best complement the coolness of stone.


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Modern Rustic Architecture


The floorplan incorporates modern living concepts like open common areas or great rooms on both floors, allowing our client to entertain large family gatherings in multiple areas.


To achieve an organic and natural look a variety of boulders and rocks are utilized as the main focal point for the infinity pool and scenic landscape. Taking a closer look at the exterior of the home, large steel windows allow for thin sight lines and also create less interruption by the wood framed areas of the home. Additionally, steel beams highlight the structure upon which the custom home is built, while eventually incorporating various iron and copper accents into the finishing details. Small copper accents help highlight the beautiful wood grain and add to the elegant details of this rustic contemporary custom home.




New Custom Home


Contemporary Ranch


6,500 Sq. Ft.