Pomello Residence

Pomello Residence

Gardener's Cottage

Our clients saw an old house for sale and came to us with a simple question: We love this house. Is it possible to remodel it to meet our needs? In keeping with the estate’s traditional English Tudor style 10,000 sq. ft. of gardens were designed. The English Gardens are characterized by regular, geometric planting patterns and pathways, with antique decorative accessories heightening their old-world feel.


Special nooks and hideaways, coupled with the sound of cascading water in fountains, create a serene environment, while delicate lighting in planter boxes makes the garden perfect for early evening strolls.


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Gardener’s Cottage with English Gardens Estate

The next step in restoring the English Tudor style estate included the addition of a new 1,300 square feet gardener’s cottage and authentic English style gardens surrounding the property. Special interior design details in the cottage, such as the hand-hewn structural trusses, wrought iron banister detail, and tone work, are replicated from the main house, blending the new structure seamlessly with the old. The gardener’s cottage and greenhouse are connected to the main house by wood-trellised patios with stone pillars, echoing the stonework found throughout the rest of the property.


English Tudor Country Kitchen 

The kitchen was redesigned to match the English country decor of the rest of the house. Cabinetry in the kitchen is “furniture style.” Each cabinet and drawer designed by the architect is custom-fitted and lush mounted, adding a level of complexity to the design. This style of cabinetry not only evokes a sense of history and tradition, but also is an example of the craftsmanship and detail found through-out the house.


The estate was originally built in 1929 and the years had taken their toll on this magnificent English Tudor style estate. The owners dreamed of restoring the home to its original grandeur but discovered that the foundation of the house was sinking under the weight of a poorly built earlier remodel. After a full seismic retrofit of the foundation, HartmanBaldwin restored and redesigned the interior spaces, staying true to the grand architectural style of the house. The addition of a new 8-car garage and workshop, a gardener’s cottage and re-landscaping of the nearly two acres of grounds, completed the restoration and renovation of the home.


The challenges in designing and building the additions of the main house were in matching the existing structures so the additions would look like they had always been a part of the house and site. Important architectural details, such as the steeply pitched roof and dormer windows details, were duplicated on the new additions to create this effect.


Exterior material selections also played an important role in creating this effect. Special care and attention were given to choosing the appropriate brick material. The hard-to-find clinker brick on the additions was custom-manufactured by a specialty brick boutique to match the existing.


The Garage and Workshop

Were added to the estate to fit the liking and needs of these avid classic car collectors. HartmanBaldwin created an expansive 8-car garage and workshop that allows the homeowners to work comfortably whether it’s on a new vintage car or on one of his many model cars in the upstairs display room.


Adjacent to the workshop is the second car garage that houses the everyday automobiles and recreational vehicles. A half-bath is located near the west entryway of this ultimate man cave providing an opportunity for a quick shower after a long day of working in the garage.



Phase I – Redesign of Kitchen, addition of new 8 car garage and workshop

Phase II – Addition of Gardeners Cottage and English Gardens with Greenhouse

Phase III – Restore and Redesign the interior including Master Bedroom and Master Bath



English Tudor Revival


8,261 Sq. Ft.





Excellence in Design Award, Claremont Architectural Commission, 2000.
Gardener’s Cottage, Excellence In Design Award, Claremont Architectural Commission, 2001.
Renaissance Design Merit Award, Remodeling Magazine and the National Association of Home Builders Remodelers Council, 2002.